Sylvanus The Artist's story begins 20 years ago with one of many of his forms of expression, painting. Being from Sierra Leone, West Africa, Sylvanus is able to look at the world from a unique perspective and exhibit this in his artwork. A collection of photographic images and oil paintings embody the story told by the artist.

Origin of Name, Sylvanus 

Roman name derived from Latin silva "wood, forest". Silvanus was the Roman god of forests. This name appears in the New Testament belonging to one of Saint Paul's companions, also called Silas (according to www.behindthename.com). 

Other Languages & CulturesSilvanus(Ancient Roman) SilasSilvanus(Biblical) SilasSilouanos(Biblical Greek) SilasSilvanus(Biblical Latin) Sylvain(French)Silas(Greek) Silvano(Italian) Silvanus(Roman Mythology)

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